Teacher Claims He Was Fired Over His Skin Color

Former school teacher Andrew Alderman is suing NYC because he says he was fired in part, for being white. 

Mr. Alderman said he was fired from his job at PS 306 for allegedly using verbally abusive language on a group of misbehaving students.  School records show that Alderman called a student a "bitch" and chastised a group of children saying "statically you are likely to end up pregnant or in a gang".

Alderman and his attorney claim that Morris Heights School never questioned any independent witnesses and took the word of students who were in line for disciplinary action from Alderman.

The former Bronx gym teacher's statement also said the students filled the complaint that got him fired as a personal vendetta against him and he was a target of an organized retaliation campaign. 

Alderman also stated that he believes his firing was racially motivated because he is one of only a few white teachers in the school.

Doug Cohen from the NYC Department of Education said: "There is no place for discrimination of any kind in our schools and we treat any complaints with the utmost seriousness".

The court papers which were filed in Manhattan indicate that Mr. Alderman and his attorney are seeking reinstatement and back pay.

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