Fling Leads To Jewelry Heist

Leave it to a horny cheating husband to drag home a strange woman to shack up with, only to have her leave an hour after the passionate fling with his wife's 30 thousand dollar wedding ring, a $17,000 Rolex watch, several gold bracelets, and a cell phone.

That's what happened to Jean Pierre Henderson after he met, wooed, and bedded Alma Fooks last July.

According to the police report, Mr. Henderson met Ms. Fooks on 51st Street and Beekman Place. After the two clicked, Henderson asked her to join him at his apartment around the corner.

Ms. Fooks was identified and arrested yesterday, nearly 7 months after cleaning out Mrs. Henderson's jewelry box.

Sadly there was no word on how Mr. Henderson explained the theft to his wife, or if the couple is still married.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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