Confidentiality Agreements Protect Bad Teachers

Nadine Sudlow resigned her teaching job at Liberation Diploma Plus High School in 2014 after she was allegedly caught having sex with a pupil.  According to the Special Schools Investigation report the 30-year-old teacher regularly treated the student to free coffee and lunches. During one of the trysts, the young man was allowed to tape the encounter so he could show his friends. In one of her emails to the youth, she told him she was "mad horny".

One might think that sort of behavior would pretty much end a teaching career. Nope. Ms. Sudlow was able to secure a teaching certificate in New Jersey and is currently teaching in the Newark public school system thanks to a confidential agreement that protects teachers with shady backgrounds.

Terri Miller, President of the Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct and Exploitation group blames the teachers union for allowing educators with questionable backgrounds to remain in the classroom. Miller said, "school administrators and districts would rather stay safe and save money than save children".

According to the probe by the Special Schools Investigator, Ms. Sudlow was encouraged to apply for the open position in the Newark school system after a principal who was aware of her past told her of the opportunity.

The New Jersey Department of Education is considering dropping confidentiality agreements that protect teachers with sexual misconduct in their history.

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