Body Discovered Wrapped In Plastic

Just in time to celebrate all the love Valentine's Day brings we give you a tale of LOVE gone wrong. 

The body of Dr. Pierluigi Biggazzi's dead body was found wrapped up and hidden in his home last week. 

The University of Connecticut Pathologist hadn't been seen in months so the authorities conducted a wellness visit in the Burlington home he shared with his wife.

The doctor's wife Linda Kosuda-Bigazzi who works as a scientist for her husband initially told the police she didn't know the whereabouts of her spouse. After a quick look through the couple's home Dr. Bigazzi's body was found bound in plastic by the police.

After an initial examination of the doctor's body, the medical examiner believes the man was killed by blunt force trauma to his head. The medical examiner estimated the man could have been killed and stashed away in the home since June of last year.

Mrs. Bigazzi was arrested and arraigned on murder charges this week. She refused to give a statement on the charges and the arrest warrant was sealed.

After appearing in Bristol Superior Court Mrs. Bigazzi was able to post a 1.5 million dollar bond and return to her home with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

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