Poll Numbers Drop for Cuomo

Nobody likes to see falling poll numbers, especially when they are thinking about a presidential run in 2020.  But that's the situation Governor Cuomo finds himself in as the Federal Corruption trial for a former top administrative aide chugs along.

Cuomo who had a favorability rating of 62 percent in January saw that drop to 53 percent in the most recent Siena College survey. The Governor also saw his job approval ratings fall into negative numbers. And last month 55 percent of the voter's people said they would re-elect Cuomo, this month that number is down to 50 percent.

The trial of Cuomo friend and political ally Joe Percoco is said to be the major worry behind the dropping poll numbers. Percoco is on trial for his alleged role in a pay-to-play corruption racket involving contractors and state business.

The governor's office released a statement blaming the dropping poll numbers on the volatile political scene that has taken over since the election of President Trump. Governor Cuomo also has a 30 million dollar campaign war chest that can far outlast any of the GOP candidates who may want to challenge him.

Cuomo's office also cited the recent government shut-down that appeared to be brought on by the Democratic Party as a reason for his dropping poll numbers.

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