Love Can Be A Real Pain In The Neck

A lover's squabble turned bloody when a male model stabbed himself in the neck after his girlfriend stormed out of their apartment and ran from the building.

Damon Tolstoy, whose social media personal website lists him as 47-year-old  American Actor, Sports Fishing Captain, Producer, and Model was found screaming and gushing blood from the self-inflicted neck wound in the hallway of his apartment building by a neighbor.

The neighbor, who would only identify herself as "Anne" said she heard Tolstoy yelling for help in a very loud voice. She said she thought Tolstoy was dying, he was screaming like a wounded animal, it was terrible.

First responder's found the injured model lying on the front stoop of the building with blood still spewing from his neck.  The EMT's stabilized the victim and then rushed him to Bellevue Hospital to have the hole in his neck stitched up. Tolstoy is listed in stable condition.

The model-actor lives and committed the self-injury in the same building that houses the famous Waverly Inn restaurant.

Police found the knife the victim stabbed himself with, in a pool of blood on the floor of his apartment.

The superintendent of the apartment building told authorities that the man had just moved into the building two months ago and formerly lived around the corner with his girlfriend.

The identity of the girlfriend was not given.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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