5-Year-Old Dies from Flu

A young girl from Brooklyn has become the fourth child in New York City to die from the flu.

The 5-year-old girl was found unresponsive by her mother at their home at the Bay View Houses in Canarsie around 8 p.m. on Saturday.  The mother called for help and neighbors tried performing CPR, while 911 was called.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene and rushed the girl to the hospital.  She was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital.

"That's very disturbing and scary because I have a little one myself.  I have two little ones so it's very scary," a neighbor told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.  "You just gotta try to stay germ free and keep  your kids safe and healthy."

The girl had been suffering from a high fever before her death.  The medical examiner will officially determine the cause of death.

"This is so unfortunate," another neighbor said.  "So, I was just wondering, did the little girl take the flu shot?  Did she get the flu shot or she didn't take the flu shot?"

New York City officials are urging everyone to get the flu shot.  They said that children are especially vulnerable.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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