Racist Thief Slashes Victim And Spews Hate

The number of reported hate crimes has risen nearly 20% since President Trump has taken office. Every race creed and color has been targeted by the numerous violent hate groups prowling the nation. 

The latest victim, a Mexican American, was attacked in Manhattan's Lower East Side at 2:00 am Monday morning.

The unidentified 37-year-old male victim told police he was attacked and slashed while he walked near Suffolk and Broome streets. The victim told police his attacker came out of the shadows, punched him in the chest, knocking him to the ground. While the victim lay on the sidewalk the attacker took out a knife and slashed him in the right arm and leg. 

While the suspect robbed the victim he allegedly told the man to "get out of my country" and called him a "Mexican Rat".

Before fleeing the scene of the crime the crook told his victim that if he called the police he would come back and kill him.

The victim was taken to Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital to have his wounds treated. He currently is listed in stable condition.

The assailant was described as a 6-foot-1-inch man who was wearing a black North Face jacket and a stocking cap.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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