NYC Creates Portal for Domestic Violence Survivors

New York City officials have launched a new web portal to help survivors of domestic violence.  NYCHOPE will provide resources and information to those who have been abused.

"It is time to stop asking survivors of domestic violence why they stay and start asking what more can we do to support them and their families,” First Lady Chirlane McCray said.

The portal will help survivors local services nearby.  It will also highlight signs of abuse and information about healthy relationships.

The initiative also includes a domestic violence awareness campaign, which is titled “We Understand.”  The program will work with survivors who will speak about the complexities of abusive relationships and will highlight the availability of support services available.

“The innovative NYCHOPE portal and ‘We Understand’ ad campaign will help educate New Yorkers about the complexities of intimate partner violence, and make it easier for survivors to access the services they need for safety and heal from trauma," McCray said.

Both programs grew out of the NYC Domestic Violence Task Force, which was launched by the de Blasio administration two years ago.

“Domestic violence remains a significantly under-reported crime, due in part to the fact that victims often feel there is nowhere to turn for help,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said. “This portal provides both the victims themselves, as well as those who suspect that such activity is occurring, the ability to readily reach out for assistance and support.”

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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