3 School Administrators Reprimanded

If you need proof that power corrupts, check out the boorish behavior these three NYC public school principals were caught trying to get away with.

Principal number one Joseph Canale, of College of Staten Island High School.  Mr. Canale was fined 10 grand for his numerous attempts at getting his girlfriend a permanent job with the Department Of Education. Canale pushed for his girlfriend to be hired at 3 different high schools and when that didn't work he wrote angry and threatening emails to officials until he admitted to misusing his position.

Principal number two Yolanda Ramirez, from PS 38. Ms. Ramirez admitted bringing her 3-year-old grandson to pre-k classes even though he was not registered at the school and he was too young, plus the addition of her grandson to the class put the number of students over the legal limit of 18. Ms. Ramirez was fined 3,000 dollars.

Principal number three Connie Hamilton, from Dewey High School was given a written warning for having a school staffer drive her to and from work for over a year. The Department of Education did not fine Ms. Hamilton because the staffer and the principal lived near each other and the staffer told authorities that she volunteered to do the job.  

Ms.Hamilton agreed to reimburse the staffer for all incurred expenses.

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