Golf Club Beating Leaves Man With A Concussion

Obviously, Jonathon Stone is not hip to all the world-class golf courses and driving ranges that are just minutes away from his building on 93rd Street in Manhattan. Otherwise, he would have assuredly loaded up his sticks and taken a few practice swings in a more proper setting.

Instead, Mr. Stone allegedly let his emotions get the best of him and used his golf club as a weapon against his upstairs neighbor Dashiell Kim.

Evidently Mr. Stone and Mr. Kim couldn't agree on a mutually desirable volume on which a stereo should be set, so Stone allegedly used one of the irons to bash Mr. Kim in the head.

The result of the golf club attack left Mr. Kim with a concussion and bruised ribs.

Other tenants of the building say Stone and Kim have been testy with each other for years and they were always expecting a physical conflict. One witness said Stone and Kim had disagreements on several issues including smoking on the terrace and improper garbage and recycling separation.

Kim, who is a sophomore at Oberlin College, testified to the attack in Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this week.

The attack was first reported to the police in June of 2017.

Jonathon Stone faces charges of harassment and misdemeanor assault. Kim is seeking unspecified damages.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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