Sexting With Student Sends Teacher To Jail

Teacher Michael Cognato was arrested for trying to get in touch with a former 14-year-old female student he had in his math class while she was in eighth grade.

Cognato was forbidden to contact the teen after he was caught sending her sexually explicit pictures and videos in 2017. Records show that Cognito had sent the 14-year-old over a dozen improper messages including images that show him masturbating while he was a teacher at IS 93 in Ridgewood.

Cognato was arrested at the Queens Community School District 25 building in Flushing Thursday after he tried to contact the youth. Cognato has been an employee of the Department of Education since 2005.

The young girl's mother has had Cognato arrested on the two occasions she caught him sniffing around the family home. 

The mother first reported the illicit relationship when she discovered the filthy material on her daughter's phone in October of last year.

The Department of Education has not made it clear if Mr. Cognato was removed from the classroom at IS 93 and reassigned to the Queens Community School District in Flushing because of his improper behavior.

Cognato was charged with criminal contempt and will be arraigned sometime this afternoon. The Department of Education has not released an official statement on Mr. Cognato's current employment status.

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