NYC Employs Nearly 330,000 People

The city of New York will have nearly 331,000 thousand employees by this coming June and Mayor Bill de Blasio does not care if you like it or not. 

Mayor Bill said he isn't scared of adding to the headcount of city workers if that what it takes to get the job done. The mayor also added that having more employees has helped move the city forward.

De Blasio reminded his detractors that 2000 of the new jobs added were for additional police officers, a move the mayor was against, but ultimately ok'ed after a slight dust-up with the City Council. De Blasio believed the additional officers were not needed due to the city's declining crime rate.

The plan to extend the pre-K program to include 4-year-olds also contributed to the burgeoning headcount.

Mayor de Blasio, when questioned about a large number of employees referenced two political figures he shares beliefs with, former NYC Mayor Fiorello La Guardia and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Economists are worried that the threat of federal money cuts connected to NYC's declaration as a sanctuary city or a downturn in the thriving economy will place the city in troubling fiscal shape.

When former Mayor Michael Bloomberg left office in 2014 the city had just over 297,000 thousand employees.

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