Lead Paint Testing Scandal Causes Another Dismissal

While heads continue to roll at the New York City Housing Authority, big boss Shola Olatoye remains employed despite her role in the lead paint testing controversy.

The latest member of the housing authority's upper crust to be shown the door is the General Counsel and Executive Vice President of legal affairs David Farber. Mr. Farber became the fourth member of the senior staff to be forced out when he was dismissed during a board meeting yesterday afternoon.

Ms. Olatoye publicly thanked Farber for his 3 years of service at the housing authority and called him a dear, dear, friend and a critical member of her staff.

When members of the press asked Farber if he was forced out due to the fabricated lead paint test results he responded "no comment."

Ms. Olatoye continues to be grilled over the alleged false statements she made during a hearing in front of the City Council last week. Her statements to the council were proven false when a letter was presented by NYCHA inspector general Ralph Iannuzzi showing that Olatoye knew the lead paint tests were conducted by unqualified workers.  Ms. Olatoye claimed she made those remarks after being briefed with bad information.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to back Ms. Olatoye even after her false testimony.  While saying there were some other people involved in the lead paint debacle that needed to move on from their positions with the NYCHA.

Despite de Blasio's backing of Olatoye, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson says Ms. Olatoye is under intense scrutiny and added when it comes to accountability at the NYCHA Ms. Olatoye is the chair and is ultimately responsible for any and all oversights.

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