Angry Worker Attempts To Firebomb Restaurant

Some people like mildly spicy food, while others love their meals flaming hot.

It's safe to say that the employee who tossed a Molotov cocktail into the Mexican restaurant he worked for prefers everything flaming hot.

The combustible situation began when two co-workers at the Pinole Mexican Restaurant on East 115th Street near Third Ave. in East Harlem got into a verbal altercation. Employees at the restaurant say the two unidentified members of the kitchen staff began bickering shortly after the dinner rush. The men continued to verbally joust and pick at each other as they began to prepare for the late supper crowd.

At approximately 9:00 pm one of the arguing workers ripped off his apron and stormed out the restaurant spewing a cascade of profanities. The man returned to the Mexican eatery after being gone for nearly an hour and began to construct the incendiary device.

 Customers and restaurant staff scrambled out the rear and front doors as the man filled a glass soda bottle with lighter fluid, stuffed a rag into the bottle for a wick, and then lit and threw the firebomb into the kitchen.

No customers or employees were hurt during the fire or the evacuation of the restaurant. The FDNY responded quickly to the scene and had the fire extinguished within a few moments. 

The angry arsonist is still on the lamb. The restaurant owners are assisting the police in the search for the now former employee.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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