Murphy Reviewing NJ’s Medical Marijuana Policy

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed an Executive Order that will lead to a review of the state’s medical marijuana program.

Murphy said because of restrictions put into place by former Governor Chris Christie, many residents that could benefit from medical marijuana are left out of the program.  There are also challenges because there are only five operational dispensaries in the state.

“We need t treat our residents with compassion,” Murphy said.

He said the goal of the review is to eliminate barriers for patients who suffer from illnesses that could be treated by medical marijuana.  The governor also wants to eliminate the stigma that doctors feel when prescribing it.

“Many aspects of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program are written in statute,” Governor Murphy said. “But our law is eight years old. Since it took effect, significant medical research has been conducted. Our goal is to modernize the program in New Jersey, bring it up to current standards, and put patients first.”

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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