Congestion Pricing Plan to Be Unveiled

You could soon be paying nearly $12 to drive around parts of Manhattan.

The New York Times reports a group called “Fix NYC” is set to unveil its congestion pricing plan on Friday, which would charge drivers for traveling around the busiest parts of the city. 

Pricing zones would be put in place south of 60th Street, costing as much as $11.52.  There could also be a surcharge placed on taxis and Uber cars, ranging from $2 to $5 a ride.

The goal is to reduce traffic in Manhattan and to generate more revenue to fix the subways.

The plan has the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo, but would need approval from the state legislature.  Mayor Bill de Blasio opposes it, preferring a millionaire’s tax to pay for subway repairs.

Source:  New York Times

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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