Judge Rules Dr. Does Not Have To Pay Huge Bar Tab

Cardiologist Zyad Younan is $135,000 richer today after a Manhattan judge ruled that he did not have to pay the humongous bill he was slapped with after a crazy 3-day bender at Scores Gentlemen's club.

Judge Kelly O'Neill Levy said the good doctor was a victim of criminal conduct, which caused his tab for booze, girls, and private rooms, to skyrocket over 135 K.

Stripper Karina Pascucci and 2 friends allegedly slipped tranquilizers in the doctor's cocktails and left him passed out in a private room while they forged his signature on high priced goods in the club.

Dr. Younan told the court he met Katrina Pascucci when she introduced herself as a nursing student in a Manhattan restaurant.

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