Cuomo Offers Preview of Congestion Pricing

Governor Andrew Cuomo is offering more details about a congestion pricing plan that he’s expected to unveil later this week.

Instead of placing tolls on the East River bridges, Cuomo wants to create different zones in Manhattan where drivers will be charged.  The cost will depend on where the zone is and what time of day it is.

“The technology exists, we have to define the zone, we have to determine the fees, we have to determine the hours, and it's literally an on-going spectrum of options,” Cuomo said.

The governor believes the plan would help ease traffic in the city and would help pay for needed subway repairs. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio opposes the idea of a congestion pricing plan.  He’s pushed for a millionaire’s tax to pay for subway repairs.

Governor Cuomo offered the preview of his congestion pricing plan as he unveiled a $168 billion budget.  He said an "economic missile" is headed towards New York because of the recently signed tax reform law in Washington, D.C.  Cuomo said he'll try to change the state tax laws to ease the burden on New Yorkers.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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