Cold Weather Moves In After Storm

After a powerful winter storm that dumped a foot of snow on parts of the tri-state area, brutally cold temperatures have moved in.

Temperatures dropped to the single digits in some areas overnight, with a high for Friday expected to be just 14 degrees.  The frigid weather will continue all weekend with temperatures not escaping the teens until Monday.

That cold weather means the roads will ice over.  Mayor Bill de Blasio said some streets may not be completely cleared until Monday.

“So I want all New Yorkers to have a little bit of patience with the fact that despite the great work of the sanitation, it’s going to be awhile before you see the blacktop in some parts of the city,” de Blasio said.

The Sanitation Department said the problem is that chemicals used to clear the roads don’t work in such cold temperatures.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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