Transit Group Wants to End 24/7 Subway Service

A group of transit experts is introducing a plan that calls for ending around-the-clock subway service.

The Daily News says the Regional Plan Association believes it would make the subway system more reliable for the rest of the day.


“We think that the days of the 24/7 subway system in New York are coming to an end,” RPA President Tom Wright said.

He admits this is a controversial idea and is expecting criticism of the plan.  But he said it “doesn’t make sense” to run the subways 24/7 when overnight weekday ridership averages 85,000 passengers.

Wright said the MTA can run shuttle buses instead, which would save money and improve performance for the rest of the day.  The group also wants to raise more money through new taxes, extend subway lines around the city and build out overcrowded stations.

Source:  Daily News

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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