Cuomo Blasts Republican Tax Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the tax plan approved by the Republican controlled House of Representatives will “devastate the families in New York State.”

Cuomo and other New York leaders are upset because the measure eliminates local and state tax deductions.  They argue that will lead New Yorkers to be double taxed.

“There was absolutely no justification why they would have targeted New York. The math is they need money to pay for the corporate tax cut. They're getting the money from eliminating the deductions on state and local taxes. So they're using New York as a piggy bank to finance the corporate tax cut,” Cuomo said.


The governor applauded Republican members of Congress who voted against the plan, including Congressman Peter King.  But he also criticized New York Republicans who voted for the plan, saying they voted against the interest of their constituents.

“It's disgusting. It's reprehensible. It's a direct attack on this state. It's going to do real damage. I only pray that the Senate can stop it because the House played politics in a way I've never seen politics played before,” Cuomo said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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