Cuomo on Texas Shooting: “Enough is Enough”

Governor Andrew Cuomo says mass shootings in the United States have become “appallingly and unforgivably common in our society.”

In a statement released after a gunman killed 26 people at a church in Texas, Cuomo said “we must not become numb to tragedy.”

“In the memories of those we lost today in Texas, and last month in Las Vegas, and last year in Orlando, and all across this nation, we must come together and say: enough is enough,” Cuomo said.

In a series of tweets, Governor Cuomo also said now is the time to talk about gun violence.


Mayor Bill de Blasio also offered his support for Texas after the mass shooting.

“New York City prays for the town of #SutherlandSprings and mourns the tragic loss of life in so sacred a place,” he tweeted.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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