Sanders Makes Push for De Blasio’s Subway Plan

Senator Bernie Sanders visited the subway system with Mayor Bill de Blasio, making a push for a tax on the wealthy to pay for MTA repairs.

“People are working two or three jobs while the people on top are doing phenomenally well.  And what the Mayor is saying, and what we should be doing in Washington, is we say to the wealthiest people in this country, you know what, you need to start paying your fair share of taxes,” Sanders said.

The mayor’s plan would require individuals earning $500,000 and families with incomes of $1 million to pay more in taxes.


“We have to understand that a millionaire’s tax to fix the MTA is another way of responding to the inequality that plagues our society,” de Blasio said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed an alternative to fix the subways.  He’s created a panel that will study congestion pricing in the city.  Sanders was asked about the different plans, but refused to get between the governor and mayor.

“I’m not taking sides, to be honest with you.  I’ve got enough to keep me busy in Washington without getting involved in New York State politics,” Sanders said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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