De Blasio: Subway Homeless is Not Acceptable

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he takes responsibility for dealing with the homeless situation on the subways and is promising to take action.

“We’re ready to do more and wherever we see a need we will put more resources on it,” de Blasio said.

A picture printed in the New York Post earlier this week showed a homeless man sleeping below subway seats, while other riders sat in those seats above.  Responding to the picture, Governor Andrew Cuomo told NY1 that the NYPD should be sent in to address the problem.

“I’m very comfortable – when I have a responsibility to address something, I’m going to address it. And that is the NYPD which patrols the subways and would never accept that kind of condition if they saw it,” de Blasio said.

The mayor said he doesn’t understand why the governor would criticize the NYPD.  De Blasio said there must have been “some missed signals” in what was presented to Cuomo.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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