Nicole Malliotakis Looks Forward To “Holding The Mayor Accountable"

Republican mayoral hopeful Nicole Malliotakis says she looks forward to “holding the mayor accountable on behalf of all New Yorkers” when she debates Mayor Bill de Blasio in October.

She told WOR’s “Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the Morning” that there are a number of people in New York that need help, but Mayor de Blasio is “turning a blind eye” to them.

“For the last three and a half years we have seen New York City deteriorating under this mayor,” Malliotakis said.

She pointed to the homeless problem, sex crimes, public urination and claimed that squeegee men are coming back.

“The city that never sleeps needs a mayor who could stay awake,” Malliotakis said.  “I feel the mayor is not paying attention to these things.”

Malliotakis also called it “terrible” that NFL players would kneel during the national anthem before games.

“We have to remember that these freedoms are not free and we need to respect always the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance,” Malliotakis said.  “And I have a colleague in the Assembly that doesn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance and I think it’s sickening.”

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