Tennis Star Says Officer ‘Shouldn’t Have a Job’

Former tennis star James Blake testified against a New York City police officer who tackled him in a case of mistaken identity two years ago.

“This officer shouldn’t have a job.  He doesn’t have the temperament for it.  He doesn’t have the capabilities to serve our community in a positive way and to make me or anyone in this community feel safer,” Blake said after testifying.

Officer James Frascatore is facing an NYPD disciplinary hearing for the incident in 2015.  He mistakenly believed Blake was a suspect in a credit card fraud case while the former tennis star was standing outside the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

“Officer Frascatore acted professionally, calmly, deliberately in every way,” Frascatore’s attorney Stephen Worth said.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill will ultimately determine whether there will be any punishment for Frascatore.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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