Youth Soccer Coach Flips His Lid And Starts A Brawl

Poor sportsmanship was in full view on a New Jersey soccer field as a fight broke out during a 10-year-old and under boys' soccer game.

Coach Sean Cormack allegedly head-butted his opposing coach and then cracked his 9-year-old son across the head as he raged around the field in a red-faced tantrum. 

The brawl started when the Midland Park coach told Cormack if he had a problem with the way the game was played he should talk to him and not yell at his players.

Witnesses say that's when coach Cormack blew his top and started the head-butting and kid smacking fest.

The Police were called to the pitch and quickly restored order.

Coach Cormack was charged with simple assault and could face up to 18 months in jail.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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