Gov. Cuomo Doubles Subway Litterbug Fines

Gov. Cuomo announced that the fine for littering on the subway will increase from $50 dollars to $100 dollars at the beginning of next week. 

The Governor hopes the new higher fines will help cut down on the number of track fires that have plagued the system for years. The MTA records indicate that there have been 470 track fires so far this year.  In 2012 there were only 261 fires the entire year.

Track fires along with flooding and electrical outages cause 63% of system delays.

The MTA started using a new trash vacuuming system this summer to help collect the thousands of tons of litter dropped on the tracks each year.

Gov. Cuomo said the fine increase will not only help cut back on track fires but is in the interest of public safety.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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