Commute Returns to Normal at Penn Station

The so-called “Summer of Hell” is over at Penn Station, with regular service resuming on Tuesday morning.

There were weeks of changes and disruptions for commuters as emergency repairs took place at Penn Station.  The repairs were ordered after a series of derailments, signal problems and other issues.

Despite the dire warning from officials, the repairs and service changes seemed to cause very few problems for commuters.

Amtrak wrapped up repair work last week.  The agency said 360 employees worked around-the-clock to install 897 track ties, 1,100 feet of rails, 1,000 tons of ballast and 7 switches.

“This accelerated work was an enormous undertaking.  We did it on time, on budget, and most importantly, safely,” Amtrak co-CEO Wick Moorman said in a statement.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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