Dog Undergoes Life Saving Surgery Thanks To CT Charity

A group of dog lovers in Connecticut pooled their resources and saved a dog's life this past Tuesday.

"Oreo" the poodle was brought to "Poodle Rescue Connecticut" with a 6.4-pound tumor that hung from the top of her throat to the ground.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut's founder, Daryl Masone reached out to Dr. Kerbin from the Watertown Animal Hospital and asked him to remove the growth from "Oreo".

Dr. Kerbin had "Oreo" on the operating table for nearly two hours before he was able to remove the benign tumor. 

The surgery was successful but "Oreo" has a lot of healing to do and may need another surgery to remove the excess skin that grew around the tumor.

If you'd like to help pay off "Oreo's" medical bills you can send donations to Poodle Rescue CT.PO Box 188 Naugatuck, CT 06770

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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