MTA Unveils $840 Million Plan to Fix the Subways

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota says he wants to bring the New York City subway system into the 21st century, unveiling an $840 million plan to do so.

“There’s no doubt we are failing our customers,” Lhota said.

The subway system has been plagued with problems in recent months that have frustrated riders.  There have been multiple derailments and a series of signal problems that have disrupted service.

“New Yorkers are rightfully frustrated with the current state of the subways, and their demands for better service have been heard. We are committed to earning back their trust by implementing solutions that will enhance the customer experience in the short- and long-term,” Lhota said.

Phase one of the plan includes an expedited repair program to fix 1,300 signals detected to be the most problematic.  The MTA is also accelerating the repair of potential track issues and is stepping up the cleaning efforts to remove fire hazards.

Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the plan, but also wants to make sure they follow through on their proposals.

“What we’ve seen in the last few months is nothing short of a crisis,” de Blasio said.

Lhota called on New York City to contribute to the cost of the repair project.  De Blasio rejected that idea, saying New York City has already invested $2.5 billion in capital funds.  He said much of that money hasn’t been spent yet.

“It is befuddling that the Mayor praised the MTA repair plan, but said he would not agree to fund it 50/50 with the State. One half of a repair plan won’t make the trains run on time,” Lhota said

The MTA said it won’t raise fares.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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