Howie Rose Talks Beatles with Q104.3's Ken Dashow

710 WOR's Howie Rose grew up just minutes away from Shea Stadium. And while as a kid the broadcaster went to Mets games on a regular basis, the one event he really wanted to see at the ballpark wasn't a game at all.

That was The Beatles' groundbreaking 1965 concert at Shea Stadium, to that point it was largest-ever audience for a live music performance.

Rose didn't get to the concert -- he tells Ken Dashow's "Beatles Revolution" podcast that he was a little too young at the time -- but he confesses that in 2006, during the on-the-field anniversary celebration of the Mets' 1986 World Series Championship, his thoughts were of The Beatles.

"The podium where I worked from was set up just behind second base, which is exactly where The Beatles' stage was," Rose says. "So there I am, introducing all these great players, and all the while I'm standing at the microphone thinking, 'This is the exact view that the four of them had that night.'"

Rose talks about his early obsession with the group and how they've been a part of his life since the mid-'60s. Even his children -- now in their 20s -- know and love The Beatles', in part, because of their dad.

He says it speaks to the endurance and timelessness of the band's music.

"There's a lot of things we gave to our kids that they rejected because that's just the way it works," he says. "But the Beatles were not one of them."

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Howie Rose and Ken Dashow at Citi Field

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