Subway Delays Making People Late for Work

A new study by New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer shows 74 percent of respondents have been late for work in the last three months because of subway delays.

“This is a crisis – there’s no doubt about it. Delays are rising, service is declining, and New Yorkers are frustrated like never before,” Stringer said.

Asked to grade the subway service, 73 percent gave it a “C” or lower.  That includes 14 percent who gave it an “F.”  The study also found that late trains impacted those from lower-income areas more than New Yorkers in wealthier neighborhoods.

“What we show here is that behind every delay, there’s a human cost, and behind every service disruption, there are lives affected. This report shows that inconsistent and delayed service is impacting New Yorkers in big ways and small, each and every day,” Stringer said.

The comptroller noted that the signal system is 70 years old and the subway cars are some of the oldest in the world.  He blamed a failure to invest in the system and said “we need an all-hands-on-deck approach now.”

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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