Human Error Blamed For Subway Derailment

A subway derailment in Harlem on Tuesday is being blamed on human error.

Two cars of the southbound A train came off the tracks near 125th Street, resulting in 34 injuries.  People were evacuated from the train, with pictures and video on social media showing the chaotic scene.


The MTA issued a statement saying a preliminary investigation found the cause was an improperly secured piece of replacement track that was stored on the tracks.  It’s common for equipment to be kept between tracks to accelerate repairs, but this piece of equipment wasn’t bolted down like it’s supposed to be.

Governor Cuomo issued a statement, saying the derailment is “an unacceptable manifestation of the system’s current state.”  He said New Yorkers deserve better.

The derailment caused problems in the subway system for much of Tuesday.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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