Political Chicanery Stinks Up Suburbs

Politics can be a very crappy business and in this case, a literally crappy business.

The White Plains Democratic City Council and Mayor Tom Roach are being accused of political cronyism after they gave a cushy, 6 figure judicial seat to Elizabeth Schollenberger.

Ms. Schollenberger was given the job even after the Judicial Review Committee rejected her appointment.

The members of the Judicial Review Committee claim Ms. Schollenberger showed up for the interview in terrible health. She was using an oxygen tank and suffering from morbid obesity and incontinence. 

Judge Schollenberger took her first of many medical leaves after just one week on the bench. When the judge was well enough to be in court she needed help getting up the three steps to her seat behind the bench.

And on more than one occasion the barristers' digestive problems resulted in her soiling herself in the courtroom, leaving courtroom staffers with the unpleasant task of cleaning up after the judge.

The state Office of Court Administration has listed Judge Schollenberger as ‘unable to perform her job" and have transferred her cases to other jurists.

Schollenberger makes $175,500 dollars a year.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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