Report Blames Subway Delays on Overdue Repairs

A new report says repair work on the subway system’s signals is running behind schedule, often resulting in delayed trains.

A report by New York City’s Independent Budget Office said that with the exception of the “L” line, all of the subway lines use antiquated signal systems that are unreliable.  The analysis found that 33 signal upgrade projects were included in two recent capital projects.  However, 19 of those projects were completed behind schedule or still haven’t been completed.

“If the subway is New York City’s heart, then the mounting delays and catastrophic service failures we’re seeing are congestive heart failure, threatening the very life of our city. The subway’s antiquated signal system is a big reason why,” Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer said.

The number of subway delays has increased by 250 percent over the last five years.  Only two thirds of subway trains make it to their destination within 5 minutes of their scheduled arrival time.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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