Mother Son Lawsuit Gets Ugly

A family spat between a mother and son has gotten really, really, ugly.

The son is the landlord of a 5-story walk up. The mom is a 72-year-old resident of a two bedroom apartment in the building her son owns.

The spat, which has spawned a lawsuit, claims that the mother will not let her son into the apartment to fix some leaky pipes. The lawyer on the mother's side says the son is trying to kill his mother with the stress of a trial so he can get rid of her and cash in on her rent-stabilized apartment.

Currently, the mother pays $500 bucks a month for the 2 bedroom apartment. If the son can get her to leave the place he will be in line to make thousands more a year on the rental.

It is alleged that the son was heard calling his 72-year-old mother the ‘C' word and telling her he can't wait for her to die.

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