Corrections Officer Accidentally Discharges Weapon In Hell's Kitchen Bar

An off-duty Corrections Officer who was trying to show off his fancy gun handling prowess to two females in the Mamasita Bar and Grill in Hell's Kitchen was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after he accidentally shot himself and one of the women.

Witnesses say that Officer Mario Carrillo sat down next to the women and began talking about his job, after a few minutes of chin-wagging the curious gals asked if they could see his gun.

Carrillo pulled out his Glock to show the ladies and the gun discharged.Officer Carrillo was hit in the finger and one of the women was hit in the foot.

At first Officer Carrillo told the EMT's that the gun had fallen out of his waistband and went off.After he was shown the video surveillance film Carrillo admitted to pulling the gun from his pants to show it off.

The Department of Corrections has suspended Officer Carrillo and is investigation the incident.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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