This Guy Is A Real Car Nut

Jordan Haskins gets sexual satisfaction from rough running, un-tuned, car engines.

Haskins, who refers to his special fetish as ‘cranking', steals vehicles, removes one on the spark plug wires, and then seeks self-gratification as the rough running motor sputters and chugs in the background.

Haskins has been charged on at least 6 different occasions, his most recent ‘cranking' incident took place in a Saginaw MI. County maintenance truck.

Circuit Judge Robert L. Kaczmarek sentenced Mr. Haskin's to long-term supervised probation and mental health treatments.

Mr. Haskins' attorney, James Hession told reporters that his client was a decent man with ‘special compulsion' issues.

Before the vehicle fetish raised its ugly head in Mr. Haskins' life, he ran for a Republican House seat in Michigan.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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