New Jersey Man Found With Dead Body, Crack in Home

Hopatcong, New Jersey, police arrested alleged crack head Matthew Schmarr after he was found living with a corpse.

Schmarr believes the 52-year-old woman died sometime on March 18 but couldn't be sure because he kept smoking crack and passing out.

Mr. Schmarr invited a friend over to see the dead body and asked if he could borrow the friend's phone to look up "death" and "decomposition."

The police were asked to check in on Mr. Schmarr after his girlfriend told authorities that she had received a suspicious text.

When the police entered the Schmarr residence, they found Mr. Schmarr and the dead woman in the bedroom lying on separate beds.

Mr. Schmarr is being held in the Sussex County Jail.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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