Drunk Chihuahua Arrested Along With Owner

Thomas Bloedel crashed into a telephone pole while driving drunk in Pittsburgh PA. When police arrived on the scene they found Mr. Bloedel sitting in his car, sloppy drunk.

Once the police got Bloedel cuffed and into their cruiser they went back to inspect his damaged car.

 In the car they found Mr. Bloedel's drinking buddy, 'Maxwell' the Chihuahua. 

Maxwell was on the floor of the car lapping up the vodka that had spilled when Mr. Bloedel slammed into the telephone pole.

Maxwell was taken to the local animal shelter to sleep off his vodka buzz.

Mr. Bloedel was arrested for DWI and was allegedly heard calling the arresting officers a bunch of "Monkey Dicks" as he was hauled off to jail.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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