NYPD Returns Homeless Man's Dumpster Abode

The NYPD showed their softer side when they returned a homeless man's abode over the weekend.

Damien Cumming had been living on the streets of NYC for the past decade until last year when he was lucky enough to meet documentarians Shane Duffy and Phil Sullivan.The two men built Cummings a metal box home disguised as a dumpster. 

The homeless house on wheels is equipped with a bed, solar panels, and thermal insulation for cold winter nights.

Mr. Cummings had his home chained to a fence in SOHO until Saturday night when the police showed up and wheeled it away, telling Mr. Cummings he could get his home back after he came to the station house and paid the summons.

Sunday morning Mr. Cummings and a film crew showed up at the First Precinct and were given back the dumpster domicile without paying a fine.

Filmmakers Duffy and Sullivan speculated the police gave the shelter back in fear of getting bad press.

The NYPD had no comment on the situation.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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