NJ Transit Blames Amtrak For Rail Problems

Officials with NJ Transit are blaming Amtrak for problems at Penn Station, where limited service has been in place since Monday.

“It is Amtrak’s responsibility to take immediate action and all corrective actions to resolve the continuing problems at Penn Station New York for the sake of all of our customers and the region’s transit system,” said NJ Executive Director Steve Santoro.

Eight tracks were damaged on Monday when a NJ Transit train derailed.  Amtrak hopes normal service can resume on Friday.

NJ Transit is operating on a holiday schedule.  Amtrak has reduced service and the Long Island Rail Road has combined and canceled trains because of limited capacity.  That has led to delays and overcrowding on the trains.

“We value our partnership with the commuter railroads and share the frustration these recent issues present to all of our customers.  For this reason, Amtrak has requested the FRA join in a thorough review of infrastructure at Penn Station to evaluate current conditions,” said Amtrak President and CEO Wick Moorman.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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