Furious Mets Fan Perfectly Explains Our Frustration With Mass Transit

Mass transit in New York City was thrown into chaos yet again yesterday morning after an NJ Transit train derailed in Penn Station

No one was seriously injured in the incident. But travel delays on Mondays are bad enough, especially when it's also Opening Day. That was the case for the New York Mets

NBC New York caught up with Mets fan Frank Fleming at an NJ Transit station who was apoplectic at the fact that he was not going to make it to Queens on time for the start of the game.

"New Jersey Transit is the absolute worst!" He yelled at the news camera. "I'm not gonna get to my game now because they are incompetent."

Thank you, sir, for so eloquently screaming at a news camera what we all feel inside.

Gothamist followed up with Fleming, who said he got to see some of the game, but his nightmare commute from Jersey to Flushing took 10 hours round trip.

Tuesday morning, the situation with mass transit was not much improved, which makes this man's comments resonate that much more.

Commuters posted photos to social media of the overcrowded subway and train stations in the area.

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