Bridgegate Defendants Promising to Fight Sentence

Two people convicted in the Bridgegate scandal and sentenced to prison time on Wednesday are promising an appeal.

“I want to assure my kids and everyone else that this fight is far from over,” Bridget Anne Kelly said.

Kelly was sentenced to 18 months in prison, while Bill Baroni received a sentence of two years behind bars.  Both were allies of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and they were convicted for closing lanes at the George Washington Bridge in 2013.

“I will not allow myself to be the scapegoat in this case and I look very much forward to the appeal,” Kelly said.

Christie wasn’t charged in the scandal and maintained that he knew nothing about the lane closures.  Kelly and Baroni both suggested at trial that Christie knew more than he has admitted.

U.S. Attorney William Fitzpatrick called the sentences “fair and reasonable.”

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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