Fearless Girl Statue Will Remain For Rest of 2017

The “Fearless Girl” statue will remain in lower Manhattan through early 2018.

The statue was placed in front of the “Charging Bull” statue near Wall Street to honor International Women’s Day earlier this month.  It drew crowds of New Yorkers and tourists who wanted their picture taken with the sculpture.  Now, Mayor Bill de Blasio says the statue will remain in place until the next International Women’s Day.

“I’ve been profoundly struck by what this statue means in particular to women, and to girls in this city, and this whole country. But I think there’s an even broader symbolism of standing up to fear, standing up to power, being able to find in yourself the strength to do what’s right. I think this beautiful statue stands for all of those ideas and those values,” de Blasio said.

Many have called for the statue to become a permanent fixture in lower Manhattan.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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