New Rules For GWB 'Suicide Squad'

Members of the Port Authority Special Police Squad that attempts to thwart jumpers on the George Washington Bride have been given new orders.

The ‘Suicide Squad' is no longer supposed to try to grab the jumpers, but have been told to wait for a member of the Emergency Services Unit to arrive on the scene.

Obviously, members of the ‘Suicide Squad' have reservations about the new proposal. 

A PAPD insider said: the members of the ‘Suicide Squad' have taken an oath to protect people and they will prevent the loss of life if they can.

The command from the PAPD states that personnel will refrain from using physical force to restrain a suicidal jumper on or near the bridge's railing.

It is not clear when the order will go into place or if anyone on the staff will follow it.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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