Troubled Man Jumps To His Death

According to police reports, Brian Swearing was taking medication for a social anxiety disorder when he pushed his way into a neighbor's apartment and jumped from the 12-floor balcony on Valentine's Day.

87-year-old Geraldine Butler is still rattled and upset that the strange tragedy took place in her home.

Ms. Butler said she answered the knock at her door Tuesday afternoon and a young man asked if she had a balcony on her apartment. When she answered yes, the man pushed passed her, ran to the balcony and jumped to his death.

Ms. Butler followed Mr. Swearing out to the balcony only to find it empty. 

Moments later another neighbor of Ms. Butler's knocked on her door and asked if everything was ok. When Ms. Butler tried to explain that the man who wanted to see her balcony had disappeared the two women looked over the railing and saw Mr. Swearing's body.

Ms. Butler said she didn't recall every seeing Mr. Swearing who lived in a different section of the Rochdale Village Apartment Complex in Queens.

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