Mayor Looks To Oust Owner Of 'Rat Pee' Building

Ved Parkash currently owns the Bronx apartment building 750 Grand Concourse.

 If the name of the building doesn't ring a bell, that's the slum where tenants have been diagnosed with leptospirosis.  Leptospirosis is a rare bacterial infection that comes from humans coming in contact with rat urine.

If Mayor Bill de Blasio gets his way Mr. Parkash will soon be out!

Mr. Parkash is notorious for ignoring tenant's complaints about poor living conditions and rat infestations, so Mayor de Blasio will ask a Housing Court Judge to relieve Mr. Parkash of his control of the building and appoint a new administrator.

Mayor de Blasio said:  "The city will not rest until we've exhausted every measure to ensure the health and safety of the residents at 750 Grand Concourse."

Braulio Flores, who lives in an illegal basement apartment at the "Parkash Rat Pee Palace", spent a month in the hospital recovering from leptospirosis.

One person who worked just a block away from the building died of the disease.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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